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Trampoline Spring Tool

RRP £6.95

Please check your existing spring measurements by measuring from tip to tip, not just the coiled central portion.


  Always take the springs off the trampoline before you measure them.


  Trampoline springs can stretch over time, so always measure 3 or 4 springs to get an average length. 

Why is it important to use good quality trampoline springs?

Having good quality springs on your trampoline matters a great deal as it is the springs that influence how well a trampoline bounces. The length and number of the springs will influence how good the bounce is.

As a rule the longer the springs and the greater the spring-count, the better the bounce will be. For example, all quality trampoline manufactures will use 96 8.5inch springs on a 14ft diameter trampoline, whilst an ‘average’ trampoline of the same diameter will have 88 7 inch springs. Though the 1.5” difference in length does not seem significant, it really does make a huge difference. Likewise the addition of 8 extra springs has a big impact.

What difference does spring length make to the bounce?

Though they are not often used on 12 or 14ft trampolines, sometimes we come across 5.5” springs on trampolines of this diameter. A short 5.5” spring is suitable for 8 or 10ft trampolines, but is not for larger diameters.

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