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Trampoline Enclosures

Trampoline enclosures also known as surrounds are available for 8,10,12,13
and 14ft round trampolines. You can either order a complete new enclosure
i.e. the poles, foams, sleeves, caps clamps and netting or you can order just
the component parts.

Our generic enclosures are suitable for 99% of trampolines on the market, but please double check that you are ordering an enclosure that is suitable for your particular trampoline make.

It is worth clarifying the terminology used when dealing with spares parts for trampolines, especially where trampoline enclosures are concerned. An enclosure, also known as a surround or safety cage consists of the upright steel poles, foam covering to the poles, a sleeve to go over each pole, caps that sit on top of the pole, clamps to attach the poles to the trampoline legs, as well as the netting itself. We also sell just replacement netting and you can order any of the above mentioned component parts on their own.

The height from the ground of different sized trampolines differs. Typically an 8ft diameter round trampoline will stand 76 cm tall, whilst a 10ft trampoline will be either 76 or 90cm. 99.9% of 12, 13 and 14ft trampolines are 90cm off the ground. These measurements are important to check as the height of the trampoline will determine what height the enclosure poles are and consequently the length of the netting. You will see that against each trampoline enclosure that we sell, we detail what height of trampoline it is designed to fit on. This measurement is particularly relevant with 10ft round trampolines due to some of them being 76cm tall and others 90cm. The enclosure poles and sleeves that we sell are available in different lengths in order to account for this.

Another factor to consider is how many pairs or sets of legs the trampoline has as this will determine how many poles there are on the enclosure. Most 8ft round trampolines have 3 pairs of legs and therefore need an enclosure with 6 upright poles. 10ft trampolines will have either 3 or 4 pairs of legs so the enclosure will need either 6 or 8 upright poles. 12 13 and 14ft trampolines will have either 4 or 6 pairs of legs. Traditionally all larger diameter trampolines used 4 pairs of legs but about 6 years ago, major manufacturers such as TP Toys started using 6 sets of legs. Though recently there has been a swing back to 4 pairs of legs i.e. Jumpking, there are many 6 legged trampolines around. If your trampoline has 4 pairs of legs it will need an enclosure with 8 poles whilst one with 6 pairs of legs will have 6 upright poles i.e. one for every second leg.

All of the enclosures that we supply are designed to clamp on to the outside of the trampoline leg. There are a few trampolines on the market, such as the Jumpking JumpPod that use a different connection system, so please look at the photographs of each enclosure on our website in order to check that it is suitable for your trampoline.

Each component that we sell is built using only the best materials and though you may find a trampoline enclosure on Ebay or Amazon that is a bargain price, if you look at what you are getting for your money you will see that ours offer the best value for money. Just read the reviews that our customers leave and you will see that the vast majority are delighted with their enclosure.

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