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TP Trampoline Nets

The replacement netting that we offer for TP trampolines
is suitable for their Sovereign and Capital Series round
trampolines that were made between the late 1990's and
2011. Though both ranges are now discontinued we have
a good stock of nets for their 8,10,12 and 14ft round trampolines.

The netting is not suitable for TP's more recent ranges such as the Genius, Activo and Star trampolines. If you need netting for these can we suggest that you contact TP directly.

TP Toys have been a major manufacture of quality trampolines since the 1990’s and though they have always made top quality trampolines, even their trampoline netting does not last forever as the netting can be damaged over time.

The replacement netting that we sell for TP trampolines is suitable for both the Sovereign and Capital Series trampolines that were the mainstay of the TP range from the late 1990’s up to 2011 when they were discontinued. The ranges consisted of 8,10,12 and 14ft round trampolines, each of which was given a name. For avoidance of any doubt, the models were as follows:

8ft Capital Series : "Vienna"

10ft Capital Series : "Amsterdam"

10ft Sovereign Series : "President"

12ft Capital Series : "Canberra"

12ft Sovereign Series : "Emperor"

14ft Capital Series : "Washington"

14ft Sovereign Series : "King"

You will see on our product pages that on certain sizes of trampoline ie 12 and 14ft we offer nets that are suitable for 6 or 8 pole enclosures. In 2006 TP changed the frame on these two sizes of trampoline, using 6 sets of legs, not 4. On a 6 legged trampoline the enclosure has 6 upright poles and on a 4 legged trampoline, 8 upright poles. The net required differs depending on whether the trampoline has 4 or 6 sets of legs.

The 10ft trampolines, both the Amsterdam and President have always had 4 sets of legs, whilst the 8ft Vienna has always had 3 sets of legs, using a 6 pole enclosure. It does not matter whether you have a Capital or Sovereign Series trampoline, the netting required for both ranges is the same, it is the number of legs that determines which netting you need. Also please note that certain modifications were made to both ranges about 5 years ago and the name of the trampolines had a ‘2’ added to the end of it – so the ‘King Trampoline’ became a ‘King 2 Trampoline’. From a netting perspective it does not matter which model you have.

The TP Big Bouncer is an 8ft trampoline that was not from the Capital nor Sovereign ranges of trampolines and our 8ft replacement netting is not suitable for the Big Bouncer. Though at first glance it looks like the Vienna 8ft trampoline, the Big Bouncer trampoline has a much lower frame height and as such the netting that we supply for TP 8ft trampolines will not fit.

Over the past 15 years, TP slightly changed the way in which they designed the netting for their trampolines. Three different versions exist and our netting is only 100% compatible with 2 of the 3 though it can also be used with the third, but a few additional items need to be purchased. On version 1 the netting attached to a black cap on the top of the enclosure pole and three Velcro straps were also used to attach the netting to the pole. On version 3, which is our version, the netting still attached to the pole via the cap on the top, but the Velcro straps were not used. So if you have version 1 or 3 netting, our netting will work perfectly, albeit without the Velcro straps that were deemed to be unnecessary. On version 2 the netting was sewn on to the sleeve that covers the pole, there was no top cap. So if you have this ‘sleeved’ version, when you take off the existing netting, you will also take off the pole sleeve. When you replace this style of netting with one of our nets you will need to also order some new sleeves and caps to fit on the top of the pole (they were not supplied by TP for the sleeved version).

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