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TP Toys Parts

We sell replacement trampoline parts for the hugely
popular Sovereign and Capital Series ranges of TP
trampolines that were sold from the 1990's up to about
2011. These trampolines were all circular and were
available in 8, 10, 12 and 14ft diameter. The Sovereign...

Series was a more expensive range of trampolines than the Capital Series, but many of the parts are interchangeable.

The range of replacement parts that we sell for TP trampolines are suitable for the both the Sovereign and Capital series ranges that were made by TP from the late 1990’s through to about 2011 when they were discontinued. They were fabulous trampolines with a great bounce and being a TP product were built to a high specification, but bearing in mind that some of them are now 10-15 years old, parts do need replacing.

TP Toys can no longer offer spares for their trampolines but we have spoken to the factory that they used and sourced parts directly from the factory. Some of the parts are 100% identical to the original TP parts i.e. the Sovereign and capital Series padding, whilst on other parts i.e. enclosure netting, we have asked for modifications, such as the improved zip that we feel enhances the quality. So though we are 100% happy that these parts are compatible with the above trampolines, the parts that we supply to you may or may not be identical to the original part. What we can assure you is that the build quality will be equal to if not greater than the original.

The other good news is that as we buy these directly from the factory and sell them directly on to you, there is no middle-man margin involved so most of our prices are about 40% less than the prices that TP Toys used to sell their replacement trampoline parts for. A 14ft enclosure from TP Toys used to sell for £175, our price is under £110. TP Toys padding used to be in the region of £140, ours are under £100.

How do the Sovereign and Capital Series trampolines differ, how are they told apart? A couple of points to note. Firstly the enclosure was identical on the two ranges. You will see that we only offer one option per size of trampoline, it does not matter which Series trampoline you have. Secondly the Jump mat was the same for both ranges. Again we offer only one option for this, but there are differences in spring length and number of springs. This is detailed against each replacement mat on our website. The frames did differ slightly in terms of thickness of steel used but we do not sell frame parts as they very rarely need replacing. If you need frame parts, you may well need to look on ebay for a second-hand trampoline that you can buy for the parts.

The two big differences were in the quality of the frame padding and the number and length of springs, The Capital Series trampolines all used 7” long springs, whilst the 10ft Sovereign trampoline used a 7” spring, the 12 and 14ft Sovereign trampolines used a 8.5” spring. The number and length of springs on each trampoline is detailed on the relevant pages of our website. The other major difference was in the quality of the padding. The Capital Series used a lesser quality pad than the Sovereign Series. The capital Series pads were made out of standard PVC whilst the more expensive pads were made of a PVC/rubber mixture. We offer both options for all sizes and the difference in the build quality and durability of the two is reflected in the price. If you want to keep costs down, there is no reason that the Capital Series pads can’t be used on a Capital trampoline, they will fit.

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