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Jumpking Trampoline Nets

Our replacement nets for Jumpking trampolines are suitable for
the JumpPod range of trampolines that Jumpking brought out
6 years ago. As there have been different models over the years,
please ensure that the net that you order is the correct one for
your particular trampoline as they are not interchangeable from...

one trampoline to the next. In addition to the nets we can also supply rods, foams and caps for most Jumpking models.

We are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of replacement netting for Jumpking trampolines and as an Authorised Jumpking retailer for the past 6 years have unrivaled product knowledge. As a major global manufacture Jumpking have made various models over the years but please note that the replacement nets that we offer are designed for the JumpPod range that has been in existence for the past 6 years.

How to tell if you have a Jumpking JumpPod trampoline? The simple answer is that the enclosure pole will slot in to the top of the trampoline leg, fitting in to a T shaped bracket. This is a unique patented design and is easy to spot as Jumpking are the only company that uses it. From 2006-8 the enclosure poles were 100% upright and in 2009 the design of the poles changed to the current design, whereby the poles curve in at the top. The netting will differ for the two designs and you will see that we detail each of our replacement nets as either being suitable for the 2006-8 version or the 2009 onwards version.

As well as there being a difference in the style of enclosure pole, you should also ascertain whether you have a Ultra,Deluxe or Classic model. The Ultra and Deluxe models use a longer 8.5 inch spring than the Classic which uses a 7" spring. Again the netting is not interchangeable.

As well as offering netting for 10, 12 and 14ft Jumpking round trampolines we supply replacement netting for Jumpking Oval trampolines. Unlike with the round trampolines, there has only even been one style of enclosure pole for the oval trampolines so you will see that there is only one option for net styles on the two sizes of oval trampoline, it does not matter which year your trampoline was made. As with the round Jumpking trampolines, there is a choice of both ultra, Deluxe and Classic specification. The nets on our website fit the Classic models only. We do have a certain stock of nets for the Deluxe Oval trampolines, please call us on 01276 855600 if you need one of these. Please note that though ALL Classic oval models have green padding and most Deluxe models have blue padding, some Deluxe models also have green padding. The fool proof way of checking whether you have a Classic or Deluxe trampoline is to check the spring length. On the Classic trampolines the springs are 7”long and on the Ultra and Deluxe models 8.5”.

There have been issues with the quality of certain batches of Jumpking netting over the years. In 2009 there was a quality control issue which resulted in many nets not lasting as long as they should have done. Most of these nets have now been replaced under warranty and Jumpking have taken great strides to tighten up on their quality control. As well as using a new zip manufacturer Jumpking have also increased the weight of the nets from 100 to 140gsm. Our stock of replacement Jumpking trampoline nets are all of the new stronger 140gsm nets, featuring a far better zip.

14ft Jumpking JumpPOD Deluxe Trampoline Net 2006-2008

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