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Glossary of common trampoline parts

Trampoline Netting

The net is the material that surrounds the trampoline and keeps the user safely enclosed.

We sell high quality netting that, unlike cheaper alternatives, is designed to last 5-10 years. The nets are available in a choice of different sizes for both round and oval trampolines and comes in a choice of different styles.

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Jump Mat

The 'Jump mat' is the bouncy part of a trampoline that you jump on.

Made from Grade A Polypropylene, we are confident that we offer the highest quality and broadest range of replacement trampoline mats anywhere in the UK. Each mat or jump bed as they are also known has 8 rows of stitching, ensuring that there is little chance of the metal ‘ D ‘ rings coming off, a common complaint where inferior trampoline mats are concerned.

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Safety Padding

Safety Padding is the padding that sits over the springs all the war round the edge of the trampoline.

We only sell superior quality padding, better than 90% of pads sold by our competitors. Our pads come in two grades, Standard and Premium. They are available in blue and green colours.

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Pole Caps

Plastic caps that slot on to the enclosure pole. The Netting then attaches to the Pole Cap ( Though this is not the case with our Sleeved Nets)

We offer trampoline enclosure pole caps that are suitable for both 25 mm and 38 mm enclosure poles. Each cap is made of strong black plastic that is virtually unbreakable. As the caps slot on to the top of the enclosure pole it is important that you check the diameter of your enclosure poles carefully.

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Pole Sleeves

PVC sleeves that slide over the Pole Foam, protecting the foam from the weather.

Our incredibly tough trampoline enclosure pole sleeves come in both green and blue and in a variety of lengths and diameters. Each sleeve is open at both ends so easily slide over your existing enclosure pole. Made of premium grade PVC the sleeves are designed to protect the foam covering that goes over your enclosure poles.

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Pole Foam

A protective foam covering the Enclosure Pole.

Trampoline enclosure pole foams are designed to protect the user should they fall against the enclosure poles. Made of premium quality foam, each length is thick enough to offer great protection. They come in a standard length of 1.63 m which is more than long enough for most enclosure poles. If this measurement is more than your current foams, they can easily be chopped down to fit.

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Enclosure Poles

Enclosure poles are steel poles that hold up the Netting.

We offer a full range of replacement trampoline enclosure poles. The poles are available in a variety of lengths from 2.2 m up to 2.6 m. If your current enclosure poles are not exactly the same length as those that we supply, you can easily cut the poles to the desired length.

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Trampoline Pole Clamps

Trampoline pole clamps are clamps that attach the enclosure poles to the trampoline frame.

Please note that the clamps come in a variety of different diameters so you will need to check the diameter of the enclosure pole and the leg of your trampoline.

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